Being yourself, living life on your own terms. Sounds blissful, but sometimes unrealistic. With fear and worry dominating our lives, it can feel like you’re losing yourself buried under shoulds and supposed–to’s. Freedom to walk your path would be an absolute dream.

As someone who’s found the way (read the full story below), I feel you. I do. I know you need to create that oasis of stability to help you carry on with your life. Alive, free and full of energy.

I’m Gosia, an artist, meditation convert, and nature lover based in perpetually changing London. Wanting others to stay positive in this racing world, I’ve set out to inject the feelings of hope and courage through my art.

Art isn’t just pretty pictures. It’s a place for human connection and a way to translate your deepest feelings into a beautiful, meaningful object. With art you can build a safe space for focus and nurture. I’m here to help you create it in your life and your home.

From colourful paintings to handmade prints, my art has a unique and sophisticated quality. The original style I invented is influenced by my travels, love of nature and Asian aesthetic. Think: vibrant, balanced, light, detailed and airy… Since my MFA and studies in Valencia, I’ve exhibited internationally and collaborated on interesting projects. My works have found a permanent home in private and corporate collections across Europe, America, and Asia (e.g. ING Bank, The Embassy of China). I also was privileged to receive The Passion For Freedom and Bax Family Fine Art prizes.

As a self-representing artist, I maintain direct relationships with my collectors, who are a great source of inspiration. An honest, direct, and professional approach has always worked best for both sides.

gosia poraj artist.jpg

The story

Born in the midst of martial law in communist Poland, my childhood was shaped by the appreciation of freedom. My creativity developed alongside my apparent determination to express without limitations, which carried on into my teen rebellious years. I always knew I would be an artist. Following MFA I lived in a few countries, working and enjoying life. Reykjavik, Valencia, and Hong Kong were such rich experiences, I was changed. Coming back to Poland was hard, I somehow drifted into a safe job in advertising; because “I had to get real about how to pay the bills.” Art was still with me, but slightly marginalised. I started getting too serious about my endeavours and kept increasingly pushed myself. Working crazy hours and being on call all the time put a lot of pressure on me. Fear of not meeting everyone’s expectations had turned me into a stressed perfectionist. At the same time, I stopped creating art from my soul.


I was trying to fit in…

After years of growing tension, I developed anxiety and depression followed by very upsetting pains. Very quickly it got so bad I couldn’t sit even for a short time; I had to quit my job. I was tested, treated, medicated, assessed and scanned in vain. None of the doctors could find a reason or a cure. With no real help and a worsening state, I was on my knees from debilitating suffering. My life was put on hold with a single focus – to survive through a day.


I felt hopeless…


One day, a year down the line, this utter isolation, fear, and uncertainty, I met a person. An old Mongolian doctor of natural medicine. Initially, she was puzzled by my physical condition, but after a few sessions, she made me see that the lack of mind-body balance was the root reason for my pain. Suddenly I knew, that no one could help me. No one but me. Pulling together my remaining life forces, I decided:


Starting today I’m going back to full health and freedom.


And so I did. The same ambition and discipline that had driven me to lose myself to a career – now helped me to get well. By sheer will and physical ability (we all have more strength than we think), I trained my body and my mind to get well. Yoga and meditation gave me energy and focus and became my path to freedom. Day by day, month by month I started feeling better until I was better than ever before. Full of peace, I was facing the beginning of the rest of my exciting life. I was grateful for the illness and happy that I found that inner strength and intuition. I’m convinced that the whole disease was brought to me as a way to say: You’re lost. Now it’s the  time to find yourself. During this process I read a lot about consciousness, inner energy (which all of us have plenty of), meditation and willpower that I finally understood. And what a gift I had given to myself.


The process of recovery was a breakthrough; I started painting again after a long break and my art looked different than ever before. It was full of light, colours, clarity and balance. It gave me joy.


Marvelling at my discovery, I had an urge to help others. I seriously considered changing my profession to a healer or therapist. But I quickly realised I could help people using my art in an even better way – sharing the light, positive energy and power that goes into each of my works.


I set out on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives. This amazing experience made me want to share all that positive energy, hope and inspiration with everyone who might need it.


I am very grateful and happy when someone buys my art, but I also share optimism and support in other forms – to help others in finding it. If you know a person who could use some hope and courage in their life, please show them you care.