The project

The Bright Works Project is a positive movement dedicated to sharing inspiration through storytelling and visual art. I’m an artist with a passion for hope. Feeling it, learning about it, finding it and talking about it. My main goal is to investigate the ways people maintain optimism through various times and share it with everyone.

People who agree to talk to me, inspire art. By transforming their personal hopes into a physical artworks, I’m making the first step into their manifesting.

Through people’s stories and through my art I will demonstrate that we all have access to endless chances to make life better every single day. I’m on the journey to find answers on how to increase the hope in small and big matters.

This action will be rolled out in three stages:

1. Search for inspiring stories of people around

During this first stage, I am reaching out to people who want to share their story with me. I am interested in big or small visions of future hopes and accounts from the past. Whether it’s relationships, career, health or spiritual change – let me know. I will campaign to spread the search in media and through friends in order to find as many hope-bearers as possible. After that, I’ll collect and archive ALL the stories shared by good people.

2. Turning the stories into uplifting works of art

This is a step when the magic begins. Now imagine: Your personal story coming to life as a vibrant, uplifting painting. I’m going to take your words and challenge myself to turn those messages into beautiful works of art. My goal here is to learn about people’s motivations, materialise and preserve them in a visual form.

3. Sharing and celebrating all the goodness together

Sharing with the world is the sweetest part of all because we get to see the reaction to those stories of hope. Our collaboration will be spread in this blog here and possibly an event.

Your story

Do you want to share your thoughts and help the project? This is where you can make an impact. The words you share have the potential of making the world full of hope and possibilities to the community. Are there words you wish you heard in the past? Share them now in the form below.

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I’m Gosia – the artist behind The Bright Works Project. I’m working with people to fill this world with bright colours.

I’m Gosia – the artist behind The Bright Works Project. I’m working with people to fill this world with bright colours.