The chat I had with Norris was a bit different. He was a very talkative man and I had little opportunity to guide his answers with questions. Funnily enough – he said everything I wanted to know without actually asking him the usual 3 questions. I organised his loose thoughts in two sections.


It goes down to being a good person. When you’re good – good things will happen to you. You know, bad things happened to me in the past, but the way I see it, I deserved them. I must have strayed off the path. I’m not a religious person by no means, but I believe in being good.

I went to this Landmark course. It cost me £500 to attend, so it’ was very expensive for me. But they teach you really good stuff there. I even gave up drugs and drinking for the 3 months of the course. You see, I like going to clubs and a have a good time. I like parties. But for the course I wanted to have my head clear. I actually lasted for 3 moths of the course, and then another 2 months! All clean. But then I went back to it.


I have a nice home and a garden, but I’m a hoarder. I gather too much things, I know it, but everything I have has its own meaning. I’m into hifi. I love my music, equipment and records. Even if they’re old and broken. I’m still having a hard time to throw them away. Sometimes I look at all the piles of stuff and think about clearing it, but then I put on some music and just enjoy myself. One day I would love to declutter and set myself free.

After talking to Norris I had this picture in my mind. A tree on the wind. Bending in all different directions, the tree remains steady and grounded. This is how I reflected this encounter. 

norris by Gosia Poraj , the bright works project, manifestation of dreams  through art, positive energy