I met Philippa at Blackheath on a Saturday afternoon. Beautiful spot right opposite the church. She was sitting on a bench under a lovely birch tree.

I asked her a few questions. She was happy to answer.

What was your one hope in the past, something that turned out well? And how did you go about it?

I’ve been very happy to have had a great career as I had hoped. This all came out of hard work and all turned out very well for meI've worked in education helping disabled children. Over the years I had a pleasure to see them grow up into adults and make families of their own. It's wonderful to see how my hard work made an impact on their lives.

Do you have any hope for the future?

For the future, I hope to stay healthy and enjoy my retirement. I want to have the comfort to be able to relax and not having to worry about anything. Maybe travel a bit… That would be very nice. It's not happening for the next few years, but when it does I wish to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible.

If you could give a piece of advice for a younger Philippa, what would it be?

Be more adventurous!

I feel for Most of my life I've been too cautious. There are so many opportunities out there and many are connected to people we meet. I wish I'd said Yes more often. Be open and trust yourself!

It was a windy but beautiful day. My goal was to capture this moment and save it for the future.

gosia poraj, bright works project, abstract art, original collage, work on paper, london