It was a nice warm afternoon.

I met him waiting for a friend as he was sitting on St’ Martin’s steps. I had just asked someone else to chat with me but they didn’t feel like it. After a rejection, it’s easy to give up. I didn’t, which I’m very happy with, because I found Matthew.

I fired out with my questions.

Can you share something you hoped for in the past and managed to achieve this?

When travelling to the States I had a connecting flight through Arizona. Flying over this vast landscape left me with a very strong feeling that I had to go back to explore it more. I followed my intuition, made a plan and went there to visit.

Another memory that links to a past hope was this film I made with a friend. Approaching 2012 I received a call from the universe to make a journey through mythological landscapes of West country, along what it’s called Michael’s line. Do you know what are ley-lines? These are energy lines around the world which area marked by mystical sites. We ventured out to follow the line from Avebury, and through Glastonbury pyramid to the West coast of Cornwall, Michael’s Mount. We were talking to people and finding out things about the energy and what they knew about the upcoming change (December 2012 was marked by the astrological predictions).

What is it that you hope for the future?

On the global level, I know that the patriarchy as we know it is near collapse. I have a deep hope that the last pillars of this model will go without causing problems for the planet. Those people still have a lot of power to do terrible damage. I wish for them to go down as painlessly (for the rest of us) as possible.

Thinking about the future, personally, the way I live my life now is focused on following the state of unconditional love. My hope is that it continues developing.

Have you got any advice for a younger Matthew?

Not to worry so much.
When we're younger we all feel that we have to fulfil some image we want to project... like there is a right way to be. It all boils down to fear of being yourself, but there is no need.

As our meeting made a big impact on me – the work needed to correspond. Just like the intuition drives Matthew’s experience so does the Sun on the artwork. Always helping to find the way – serves as a guidance through uncertainty. Thank you for trusting me, Matthew!