Jonathan was sitting on Trafalgar square with his phone. It was an evening and I was on my way from a picnic with work colleagues. The sun was setting and the air was very pleasant. Plenty of tourists around. Instead of rushing to catch a train, I stopped to talk to him.

Can you share something you hoped for in the past and managed to achieve this? :

When I look back I think about how I decided to get to the music school. I studied architecture for a while, you know but it didn't feel right. I also tried learning graphic design before that. But for both, you need really good eyes.  My eyes are not good. 

I had played instruments before. I played the organs when I was a teenager and the saxophone. So I quit the architecture and after some time went to the music school. To play jazz. 

What is it that you hope for the future?

I hope to make my living from music and to rely only on myself. I would love to compose music for films. The films today are all the same and rarely use jazz but maybe I can find my way in. I would likely become a music teacher, ending up in the institute where I study now. But since this isn't ideal I would try to focus on helping the students.

Have you got any advice for a younger Jonathan?

My advice to younger Jonathan? Don't be so lazy! I used to be so lazy as a kid. Full of potential too, but unfortunately didn't have anything to guide me. I didn't have any passion really to hang onto.

I made this piece of art inspired by your amazing story, Jonathan. Architecture was a small part of your life, but now it’s the jazz which gives you joy. Having spoken with you, I believe all your hopes will come to fruition. Thank you for the trust.

Collage art on paper by Gosia Poraj, london abstract artist