The first time I met Edurne was in the communal kitchen, where I work. Instantly we connected. Now, before her leaving the UK I had a chance to talk to her about her thoughts. We went to a park, sat on the grass and just talked. There were plenty of ducks around and they made me too conscious for a few minutes.

Can you share something you hoped for in the past and managed to achieve this? :

Since I was a schoolgirl I always wanted to go abroad. In school, we had a student exchange to go and live in the Netherlands for a week with a local family. I really wanted it to be me, so I applied. But all the kids wanted to go too, so it turned out that my application landed at the end of the waiting list. I didn’t go and was so jealous of the student that went… It was all about the idea of living there. Like a local, not a tourist. It was a way before the whole anthropology thing.

Later I decided that when another opportunity arises I will go on Erasmus and I did! I chose Iceland and ended up on a 5-month long stay in Reykjavik. But it wasn’t really until after that school exchange that I experience real life there. After Erasmus finished I moved to a small town and found work in a hotel. The owners and employers became my family and I’ve gone back there twice after that! It’s like my second home now.

What is it that you hope for the future?

In future, I want to find out what I want. Also, I want to achieve some sort of equilibrium of the things I would like to do and those that I feel I should do while being at peace with it. My goal to live my life consciously, remembering my responsibilities towards family, society and the Earth. 

Have you got any advice for a younger Edurne?

I am pretty happy now, but If I was to give myself a piece of advice that would be to listen to my inner voice more and not let anyone influence me or my decisions. 

Thank you Edurne for being so open with me. I also loved the advice your friend gave you (and you took it to heart): "When in doubt, take the route which will take you on a bigger adventure." With your curiosity and kindness I feel that there is the whole bright future ahead of you. I intended to show it through my art.

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