I met Sheku in Kyoto Park. He’s a security guard there. The conversation about hope quickly took its own turn. As always I was able to see a new point of view.

I love being in the park. It’s relaxing. I’m only annoyed because people don’t respect it. It’s for everyone to enjoy it. My whole role is because I’m needed to watch people not to destroy the beautiful place we have here. I come from Sierra Leone. There too people ruin the environment. Each time I go back to Africa, I go to the forest. But sadly, every year, the state of nature is getting worse. More trees are being chopped down, and more land sold to be destroyed. Rainforest which has been there for ages is being cut down for Chinese money and taken by them across the other side of the world. The protective "green belt" will never get a chance to grow back.

I hope for myself and for my children to once again see the forest as I remember it. Today is very little hope left for this to happen. I don’t know what I could do by myself to change anything. Nature connects people, and this is what I believe in. I wish others could look into what we have in common instead of looking at what divides us.

My art was deeply inspired by the moment we were in. Beautiful Kyoto park is an inspiration and a scenic spot for any artist. Also, I wanted to create a strong composition, where the “green belt” is at it’s centre. Finally in the centre of attention.

I hope that by making this piece, I’m planting a seed in the universe for renewal of forests, and connection to nature. The first step to bring Sheku's hope come to reality.