Ian / 9 November 2018

What do you hope for?

“I hope for health of myself and my parents. They live in Scotland where I come from and I'm aware of their ageing. I’m more and more aware of the time passing while I’m not there. I want them to stay well. Also, I want for myself the same.”

How are you planning to achieve this?

"I feel a bit guilty for not going to visit them too often, but my sister is there to help. I know that my mum gets really  happy every time when I’m there. I don't do much about keeping myself healthy. Although, now that I think of it, I actually changed my job to improve my lifestyle. From patient facing managerial position I transitioned to finance to take the stress levels down. It's much more quiet job. So, I' guess in a way I took care of this aspect of my life. I'm now thinking about taking the next step which would be working as educator.”

Have you ever hoped for in past and managed to achieve this? How?

"I always wanted to be self sufficient and my goal was realised. Also, I always dreamed about playing and owning a piano and I managed to buy it! Now every morning before work I play piano and it gets me into a peaceful place. Piano and morning coffee. It's time just for myself...”

I had very warm and kind experience talking to Ian. I trust that his future is bright open in front of him. Hope to see this piano one day :)


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