Tanya /  22 October 2018


What do you hope for? -

“I hope to feel better. I moved to London just several weeks ago to study and experience a lot of anxiety because of the move. You see, logically I know that I’m safe and everything will be fine, but I struggle with the transition on an emotional level. “

How do you want to achieve this?

In order to get through that, I need to look internally and feel all the emotions. Even the most difficult ones. Nothing on the outside can help me at this moment; focusing on the feelings will. Actually, I have a friend in Russia, who is a therapist working with groups. She helps people cope with difficult situations by “going into the pain” which means revisiting painful emotions and staying calm while experiencing them, observing them. Escaping and denying emotions works only in short-term, but it doesn’t resolve the pain.”

This work was influenced by Tanya’s words. Anxiety is heavy. For me it’s a dark thick blob of emotions, living its own life. I surrounded it by a peaceful scene. When the anxiety lifts, you will be able to experience this peace. It’s already there waiting for you.


This is my first post from @thebrightworksproject

Gosia Poraj-artist-the bright works project/tanya