Peter / 6 November 2018

What do you hope for?

“I  want to maintain as healthy as possible for as long as I can. And I hope to continue having a great marriage. I've been happily married since the 70-ties and have a beautiful family. I feel really for grateful for them. I don't need anything more at my age..."

Was there anything in your life you hoped for and achieved it? How?

"We always wanted to travel! Now I'm retired but I worked for the railways. Thanks to this job we were travelling all around and were able to see the States, Canada and other places. I guess I was really lucky as back in the days it was much harder to travel.”

Peter seemed like a really fulfilled man leading a very happy life. I instantly felt that to represent this conversation a pathway of some sort would be the perfect choice! 


This is my third post made for @thebrightworksproject

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