Kim / 9 November 2018

What do you hope for?

“I want to be healthy for as long as possible. Whatever I wanted to have done I would have done by. Now I’m focusing on what's the most important thing and that's health.”

How are you planning to achieve this?

"I eat healthy diet and believe in positive thinking.”

Have you ever hoped for in past and managed to achieve this? How?

"I worked at school for 12 years and I decided I wanted to to do something different. Now I work in a way that gives me more freedom. I’ve launched my own cake business, where I make unique orders. Also, I help children with learning difficulties. Just now I’m on my way from the workshop at the Royal Academy. It’s more purposeful and I love what I do. With the passing years your thinking becomes clearer and you know what to focus on. What's important. How did I make all those changes? You have to be brave, have the courage and just go for it. I was lucky that my financial situation allowed for this transition and now I'm enjoying my work much more”

Kim inspired me to paint something pink. It might be the idea of the cakes. Or just her warm personality. I’m not sure.


This is my 5th post made for @thebrightworksproject

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