Alice /  24 October 2018

What do you hope for?

“I would like my life to be full of meaning and purpose. I don’t think that money or career are fulfilling to me at this point, instead I want to make an impact on people. I don’t know what that means yet, but I’m ready to go and find out. I believe that people have a lot of good in them. My dream is to help them realise it and reignite their fire. I hope for contentment.“

How do you want to achieve this?

“I ’m not sure how to get there and know it's not just going from point A to B. I’m fully aware that it's a journey full of uncertainty. Whilst in this process of discovery I’m open to seeing how it evolves for me.” ----- I made this piece thinking about what Alice said. I was aiming to represent the idea of both discovering her path, and the goal - when she’s already there. The top arches symbolise her vision and her voice. There is a gold ladder leading to them. Underneath there are all the people. Each slightly different, but all of them can feel the connection.”

Wish you all the best on your path Alice!

This is my second post from @thebrightworksproject

The bright works project post - alice, art by gosia poraj