I met Steve in dutch Garden. When asked about the park, he said he loves going there for that unique sense of peace. He’s a Christian and has been interested in naturopathy, so he believes that nature is a wonderful creation. We sat on a bench when talking, and there was a mild rain for a brief moment.

I think it’s the most pleasant of London parks. Many locals come here. There’s something special about it, you can also recognise it by the kind of people it attracts. They are usually very kind and have a deep appreciation for nature.

Have you ever hoped for in the past and managed to achieve this? How?

I used to work with small businesses, helping them with taxes, but I always felt that I wanted to help people more. I really wanted to do something more meaningful. So now I’m happy to say, I do that. I’m a support worker in a mental health organisation. I help the homeless and those affected by mental problems. I support them in coping with their daily tasks. Things as keeping appointments, manage routine or helping them plan things. But what is horrible is seeing so many of the young people who are affected by mental problems. The young ones are feeling worthless, constantly compare themselves with others who are better looking, more wealthy or thinner...

I made this goal a reality for myself. However, I’ve realised that social work is full bureaucracy and petty constraints. Instead of the time spent on helping others workers such as myself have to spend a lot of time filling forms and doing all the paperwork. It’s a waste of energy and puts a lot of pressure on us. Actually, I’ve known a person who quit because of all these problems.

What is it that you hope for the future?

For the future, I hope that governments will start acting to save our plant. Without nature everything else is irrelevant. I wish that people in power would see that as a real problem and made the right decisions for the change.

I felt that in my artwork I needed to include that yucca tree that gave us shelter, for these few minutes of rain. We didn’t stop talking for a minute, and I was grateful for Steve sharing so many wonderful thoughts with me, despite the sudden weather change. On behalf of you, Steve, I made the first step into manifesting your hopes into the physical realm by making this piece.

abstract art, collage, work on paper, the bright works project, art gosia poraj