Sarah sat on the floor of St Anne's Churchyard on this sunny afternoon.

It was her lunchtime. Somehow she seemed like exactly a person I was looking for. Wind was blowing her hair when she spoke calmly.

What was your one hope in the past, something that turned out well? And how did you go about it?

Hope is about grit and resilience. It helped me in my school years and my work life…whenever I faced difficulties. Im not sure if hope can ever be anything external. I feel I actually had to look inwardly to reach for hope in order to go through challenging situations. When I needed to be guided I listened to my intuition. Intuition and trust.

What’s your hope for the future?

I hope for work and life balance. I've been working really hard, and still have to push myself hard for a while before there will be that moment. But I hope to achieve this balance at some point. Maybe I will have to move away from London in the future to simplify my life. Another desire is quite universal; I hope for love and a baby.

If you could give a piece of advice for a younger Sarah, what would it be?

I would advice myself not to be so hard on myself. I know I needed to get where I am, though. People are easily replaceable today. It’s so competitive! But I needed to push myself to prove to others.

In my work I wanted to capture the brightness of the moment and the openness you spoke with. I searched for balance in the composition, and left lot’s of “breathing room” for you. By making this artwork I hope this will be a first step to help your hopes come from thought - into reality.

sarah.jpg by Gosia Poraj , the bright works project, manifestation of dreams  through art, positive energy