Anaik is a beautiful and generous person. I’ve only interacted with her online during AltMBA course, where each day she offered help to others, share her knowledge and time in order to create an environment of possibility.

She was was curious of The Bright Works Project and answered my questions though the online form. Thank you!

What do you hope for?: 

After a lifetime of travel across dozens of cities across more than fifteen countries on four continents, I've always felt like an outsider in some way, either because of my health or my nomadic background or my paradoxical personality.--And extrovert one minute and a privacy-freak introvert the next. My life has touched many different cultures, and many different stories on the fringes of society, and because of this, I celebrate otherness in all its beautiful and colorful forms, and I hope my life and my story continues to be a celebration of the beauty of diversity.

How do you plan to arrive there?

By living exuberantly and joyfully, making my future bigger than my past, and truly seeing and celebrating all kinds of otherness. By writing the several books locked inside of me and continuing to connect with all kinds of beautiful people around the world who are helping people and planet thrive.

Anaik, by making this artwork I hope this will be a first step to help your hopes come from the thought - into reality. Thank you for sharing your story!

ANAIK-by gosia poraj.jpg