Winterscape - Original Art

Winterscape - Original Art


Bring Peace to your home and to your life.

This beautiful piece of art was finished with gold varnish.

Original painting was inspired by the winter landscape and a play on the contrast. In life, like in art, we need the contrast to see the context of wholeness and be able to appreciate things. A crisis can lead to new chances.

We can only understand light by knowing how darkness feels. 

Original fine art delivered to your door

  • Durable colour inks, pastel and liquid gold metal, hand painted on 100% cotton archival paper for the best quality

  • This artwork is part of Balance collection

  • Complete painting size 55 x 50 cm

  • Elegant art, suitable to hang in any decor

  • Your piece will be dispatched within 5 working days. It will arrive in a safe packaging

  • Unique work of art is accompanied by a signed Authenticity Certificate guaranteeing their provenance

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