Removing resistance no.2 - Original Art

Removing resistance no.2 - Original Art


Celebrate the potential 

Each day I make effort to live according to my own design. Fear and resistance are natural to each of us. Believing in possibility and my inner strength are the sources of energy I come back to. This painting is part of a new series exploring the idea of acceptance, and removing resistance to achieve more peaceful state.

Original fine art delivered to your door 

  • Durable colour inks,  gouache and gold varnish, hand painted on 100% cotton archival watercolour paper for the best quality

  • Painting size 56 x 76 cm

  • Your piece will be dispatched within 5 working days. It will arrive in a safe packaging

  • Unique work of art is accompanied by a signed Authenticity Certificate guaranteeing their provenance

Note: If ordering from the outside the UK please email before making an order to arrange shipping fee.

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