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Good art brings good energy


I create art full of colour and light

Hello! I’m Gosia, an artist and a believer in possibility based in London. My art is inspired by nature and emotions in an abstract, poetic way. By using the colour and light, I paint the worlds full of hope.

I've been receiving lots of comments from my collectors about the uplifting effects of my paintings. It's a fact that art has the power to inspire people and stir their souls.

Artist Gosia Poraj awarded by Olivia Bax award , and Martin Bax

Painting “Dawn” is a beautiful piece of vibrancy and detail. It is wonderfully uplifting and catches one’s eyes from all viewpoints.

— Bax Family, Art Prize, Black Swan, 2014


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If you would like me to help you find a piece of art, best-suited for your needs email me. I offer various sizes original paintings and fine art prints. If you are thinking about getting an original, send me a photo of your space - and I can show you different options that would look best.