Gosia, what is your inspiration?


As an artist, I get asked a lot about my inspiration. I love this subject and will happily tell you about it.


First of all, I’ve always wanted to share emotions through my art. For this reason, I chose the abstract form of expression. Abstract art is more poetic, and open for interpretation, creating the space for you to experience it in your own way.

I don’t feel there is just one way of “understanding” a piece of art. Galleries and curators have created this fear in people outside of the art industry of not knowing the right answer.

In fact, there is no one right answer to know.


I believe that art is a mirror for each of us. One style is certainly not for everyone, but for those who respond to it. And each of the viewers will come to it with their own baggage of beliefs and memories to feel the work differently from others.

When I paint an artwork, I share my world of dreams, the excitement for the future. I paint with a mindset of possibility and therefore I hope a fraction of these emotions will carry through to the viewer.

Focus Now  by Gosia Poraj

Focus Now by Gosia Poraj


Nature has been my close companion since I can remember. It nurtures my soul and inspires my work. Sky, horizon, water, trees and rocks fill my mind with scattered impressions. They give birth to the various shapes and deep colours I use in my practice.

Waterbank  by Gosia Poraj

Waterbank by Gosia Poraj

Grove  by Gosia Poraj

Grove by Gosia Poraj

Japanese aesthetic / Meditation

On another level, I am inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. I share their meditative approach to practice and the use of space, which is focused on creating the right balance. Here, emptiness is equally important to the marks I make. It’s that “breathing space” for you to experience freedom and light.

These are just some of the influences of my art. I am curious to know what you can see in it by yourself? Remember, there is no right or wrong :)