London solo art exhibition September 2019

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Most of this year I’ve devoted to working towards this art exhibition in London. Ups and downs, doubts and elation were part of my journey and now that I’m closing to the hanging day it’s becoming more real than ever.

I’ve had my success here in London as an artist. I’ve won 4 awards throughout the last 6 years (read about some of them here and here ) but I’ve also had my share in failures. Rejections from shows, loads of not replied emails, piles of unsold work. But you know, I’m happy I’me here.

I always tend to be hard on myself but luckily with all the rollercoaster of success I’ve learned to treat myself with more kindness. The shift I’ve also noticed is that when I relax, my work has more depth and the overall effects enjoy better responses.

The last addition to my Removing Resistance series is this diptych that I painted kind of spontaneously and It’s already received wonderful feedback from both peers and people with a more critical eye.

This observation also proves how artistic expression is not something predictable and usually lives it’s own life, just like it should.

It’s a solo London art exhibition in Deptford Does Art and is called Bright Works Project. Just like the project/blog I run. The name of the show is the same, as it will feature 8 of the interviews with strangers I’ve done – along with the abstract collages illustrating them. Having them hang as a part of the exhibition is an amazing background to other abstract artworks I will present as it tells a lot about my practice and the specific interest I take in hope and growth mindset.

I would love for you to come and celebrate the show with me if you’re in London, mid-September. (Details below)

famou abstract artist gosia poraj preparing to london art exhibitions invitation

Solo show in London

Save the date for September 13th. This is when I’m celebrating an Launch of my Solo show.

Launch night: Friday 13th 7-10pm

Exhibition dates: 12-15 September 2019

Gallery Address: Deptford Does Art, 28 Deptford High Street, SE8 4AF, London

Opening hours: Thurs.: 10am–6pm, Fri.: 10am–10pm, Sat.: 10am–7pm, Sun.: 10am–6pm

More details and the show statement here