The art of listening to full moon

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Howling at the moon

It’s that time of the month again. Moon is getting fuller and I feel the energy depleting slowly as I'm prepping for my London art exhibition. This makes me realise that that time each month I tend to overdo things and end up tired as a result of it. In the weeks preceding a full moon, my subconsciousness throws me into excessive workloads and drives me to take on activities with complete disregard for my well-being. Making appointments, adding extra ambitious projects and paintings on my ever-growing to-do list, and opening new avenues in my spiritual growth; such as looking into changes in my life (similarly I described my experiences of the last event here.) When the lunar cycle runs into its state of completeness I feel that I have no more space in my life for anything else to add. I do this pretty much each month but only now I’ve grown curious of why this pattern even exists. 

But when you look at nature it all coexists in perfect alignment with the phases of the moon and we too are affected. Never mind that I live in London and am surrounded by bricks, glass and asphalt, my body is interconnected with the primary energies that run in the universe. 

Connecting the dots

Analysing the world of my paintings never fails to give me an insight into my current situation. Art practice is a perfect mirror of an artist's life, so now I’m thinking that maybe the increase in my creativity at certain times of the month has much more to do with the "increase of the moon". A simple act of making a watercolour painting represents in this case more than just the final artwork - it’s a manifestation of my connection with the surrounding world, the walking in companionship with nature. I’d not been thinking about it too much before, and as much as I’m a spiritual person – I will not pretend I know my way around astrology. One thing is for sure, I am able to look at my habits and try to understand my behaviour. Now, I can only be thankful for my body to be giving me those signals and again, the awareness will guide me to maybe look at the months ahead more holistically. 

The event I'm working on is very close and I'm clearly focused on progress. In these exciting times I have to make the most of it by creating new beautiful art and sharing the details of the exhibitions. But taking care of my mind body soul balance is another form of art I have to master and that's how I'll spend the next couple of days. Resting more. 

Thank you moon for bringing this to my attention.

Focus now  by Gosia Poraj - available to purchase  here

Focus now by Gosia Poraj - available to purchase here