Is it possible to change in 30 days?

2 nights ago, I graduated from AltMBA. A workshop for people who want to lead the change. Change in minds and change in hearts.

I entered it with the hope to see how I can make my work in arts more effective. Also, I entered it with a large baggage of fear and negative beliefs. Beliefs that held me back from seeing the full potential. What made me try it, was an open mind. And I’m grateful for this driving force that was in me.

Overwhelm + Bewilderment + Fear = Burnout

Since the last year, I could feel something was not working in my life. I suffered a burnout doing what I loved – which is art. “How is that possible?” – I was asking myself. “What else would make me happy in not this?”.

I’ve gone through various critical moments in the past and I knew that only I could help myself.

I wouldn’t be myself if I hadn’t committed to finding the answer.

Doing my usual reading and digging deep, I could faintly pinpoint thoughts and reactions, which had triggered my doubts leading me to this downward spiral.  A few wise books down the road I was more and more convinced that it was my own resistance, which was stopping me from fulfilment. When I say resistance, I think about the self sabotage in full bloom. I was spinning my wheels by working towards conflicting goals and wants. Now it seems clear that’s exactly why I couldn’t get anywhere. Does it sound familiar to you?

Education from the future

I’d known about Seth Godin for a while but had never really spent much time reading his books or posts. It must have been fate that hit me with information about his upcoming workshop called AltMBA. Their website was asking: "Being constantly busy but not getting the work done?", "Feeling that resistance is sabotaging your efforts?" Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSS! – I thought to myself (or maybe shouted out loud?). To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure what exactly AltMBA was teaching but somehow I felt it was for me! I immediately applied and soon I got accepted.

Is it possible to change, as a person, in just 30 days?

The course started and it quickly became apparent that it is education like no other. Education from the future. I always disliked school for forcing me to fit in. To comply. I hate to comply and most likely I would do the very opposite thing when someone tells me what to do. This is who I am.

AltMBA gathers like-minded people who are not alike

Each one of us was different, from every industry you could imagine and yet together we formed a community of caring adventurers. All those strangers seemed to be going the same way to achieve such various goals. Week by week I peeled off the thick layers of fear, resistance and blocking emotions, gradually getting closer to new awareness and clarity.

There is something magical in the course they designed. The projects, the platform, seemingly random people, all fell in place like matching puzzle pieces. AltMBA was as refreshing and wild as spring storm. During these 4 weeks of a rollercoaster, I formed friendships with amazing humans and experienced how much I can achieve in such a short time.

What I gained is a special calmness. You can call it peace. A view of standing in a clearing, a place where I feel safe. A perfect spot to start from. Not knowing what’s ahead of me, I only have to choose a destination and go. On the way, I will pick up new knowledge, valuable relationships, experience and memories. Good things. Maybe as I get to my place of choice I will be satisfied. It’s also possible that I won’t like it. But then I will decide on a new destination.


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In the beginning of the year I’ve started a series “Removing resistance” to accompany me on this journey. The below is one of completed pieces.

Removing resistance no.3   Acrylic inks and gouache, painted on 100% cotton watercolour paper  38 x 53 cm  Enquire about the piece  here

Removing resistance no.3

Acrylic inks and gouache, painted on 100% cotton watercolour paper

38 x 53 cm

Enquire about the piece here