Thinking out loud - the art of collage making

Making collages is a bit like thinking out loud.

I've got all these ideas to try out, to test and play with, without any commitment. I use pieces of pre-painted paper, cut out and placed on a sheet. When I arrange them roughly in a way that feels good, I stick them to the paper. By delaying it, I am able to formulate an idea more accurately before I seal the deal. Until then no one can hear them, no one can see them. They cannot be touched. They’re mine and there is no responsibility. Funnily enough, people talk about committing art. I’ve always thought it’s an awkward expression. Isn't art about the journey? About the process?

When I thought about collage today, I saw that expression in a different light. Art is indeed about the process, but it’s about making decisions and taking risks. How many times have I done something, which invariably one could call a mistake? But luckily in art, there is no such things as errors. Decisions in art and in life are all the commitments I make, and always I treat them as lessons. The previous ones always lead the way to the next. Constant growth.

Until very recently I’d resisted making collage, but now I'm happy to have given in. Maybe I needed the time spent on resisting to get myself ready. That’s how I feel. Things come to us at the right moment, so regrets don’t make sense.

Yes, making collages is a bit safer. The risks are smaller, and I’m still lead by my intuition when creating them. The act is much more playful and based on all my art-making experiences from the past.

The only difference is that with this medium I can learn more quickly from my mistakes.