The air is warm and wet from the rain and smells of summer linden trees. They remind me of home, so naturally, I feel a bit nostalgic. I have an urge to write and that’s exactly what I will do.

My mind is racing in the speed of the racing mind, and somehow I feel calm. It’s all the excitement of the recent days which makes me feel somewhat special. Again.

This happened to me a couple of times before. In different areas in my life, I reached a massive dip. Maybe a black hole would be a more appropriate expression. The first time it was my health, the second it was my relationship, now my work life/my passion.

At the past two occasions, I pulled myself thanks to my intuition. Somehow at the blackest of hours, I decided to run right into the uncertainty and design my own plan to get me out. I was able to reach inwardly to the deep reservoirs of hope to strengthen me on these journeys. Both of these times I went out on the other side with clarity. Reborn.

This most recent time when it happened – it was very similar. My art practice had been dwindling for quite a while before drove me to burnout. And when that happened I knew that it’s the time to roll up my sleeves and go on a search again.


At times like this, I sharpen my senses to listen to signs that appear. And they appear. People I meet, books that literally fall into my hands, accidental news that reach me from the unknown – I know exactly what to listen to and what to ignore. How does that happen, I don’t know. People call it serendipity. I only know that I allow these thoughts, images and happenings to lead me toward the answers.

Now, after I started exploring these new feelings, readings and talking to people, my vision of the future has again become to feel right. I finally feel at peace again and have a sense of direction that was missing. I’ve decided to resume The Bright Works Project despite all the fear it’s producing. Right away, I started meeting people whose thoughts and words touched me deeply. Strangers (are they really?) when I asked them about their hopes, told me stories about following their intuition (!), need for being adventurous and trusting. It’s as if they were reflecting the wisest of ideas in some wonderfully compassionate way. Randomly met people seemed to carry elements of me in them. I know it may sound strange, but why not?

All starts with a thought.

I want to share with you a simple conclusion that came to me, and please don’t get cross with me before you try to understand it. Most of the miracles that happen to us - they happen because of a simple chain of energy. All starts with a thought.

The thought breeds a word. The word provokes an action. Action brings a reaction.

Simple as it sounds it’s a very powerful chain of events that when respected and used with intention, helps us reach amazing results. If only more people believed that we are the ultimate creators of our reality, there would be much more happiness.

You don’t need a permission

You don’t need a permission or a tried scenario to start an action. You have all you need right now.

Me and you, we all carry a fantastic capacity for a change to happen. Unaware we act in a way that we were conditioned to, stifling the inner voice of intuition. By letting fear choose our path, we miss what’s beautiful out there. The new ways of solving problems. The new experiences and unknown before possibilities unravel in front of your eyes. Only if we listen.

So don’t worry. You can start today.

This is my recent digital sketch. I never post my art sketches, but somehow felt it’s needed today

This is my recent digital sketch. I never post my art sketches, but somehow felt it’s needed today