Living Colours Exhibition

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Yesterday I’ve visited an exhibition Living Colours: Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations

It’s a show of a Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop in Kyoto.

The Japanese have long had a deep appreciation of colour and a close relationship with their natural surroundings and the changing of the seasons. This exhibition aims to show how this has been expressed by the careful creation of colour combinations and how Yoshioka has studied and developed Japan’s age-old natural dyeing techniques showing its vibrant colour culture.

My personal interest in colours is obvious. I paint works which are full of vibrancy and colour is a critical point of my expression. I’ve always felt that nature offers the best colour palette of all so that my paintings draw from it. Colours have the power to impact your emotions and your mood, but specific colour combinations can truly transform the experience into even more personal one.

At the exhibition, I was impressed by the craft and the commitment of the workshop to use natural ingredients to use as dyes. Using the hand method to apply it on the threads is a real mastery.

If you’re in London between 5 April – 19 May 2019 and would like emerge in this world of colour head to Japan house for a real treat for your eyes.

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