Passion for Freedom - the work / and the success

First things first! I have news to share with you. My painting Courage has been shortlisted for the Passion for Freedom award. I am super excited as this annual show/award is an Internationally acclaimed festival with a focus on freedom. 

Most of the artist's statements for the show are politically involved and show the activist's side of art. Mine has a bit different view. My statement for the show was a lot about the self-repressing and self-inflicting limitations. I proposed a discussion about the fact, that Western civilisations have plenty of personal freedom, but we often choose not to use it.  

"To honour our freedom we need to respect the inner calling and act accordingly with compassion to one’s self and to others."

This vibrant painting symbolises inner strength and vital force. Every day we need the courage to express our true selves. Fighting through pettiness, ignorance, and rejection we all crave for freedom and inner peace. This work of art came to life at the time when I was painting my way out of depression and chronic pain. It captures my triumph over my fear and hopelessness. It made me free.

I truly believe that we can make or break the world as we see it. Every day I meet people who become prisoners to their own minds. Self-imposed limitations like blaming others and anger help us go through life without feeling much guilt or taking necessary actions. Addiction and self-sabotage are just a couple of tools we as a human kind use as a distraction to avoid the responsibility for our future.

Courage is honesty to admit our mistakes and commit to corrections. Courage is the work for life. And the reward is freedom.

Opening times for the public:

The show will be open daily from the 1st till the 12th of October 2018. Daily opening times: 10:30am – 5:30pm. 

The show will be displayed in 2 galleries, located next to each other as follows:

The galleries are located next to each other as you can view photographs online within the Events hire section:

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