Simple Joys

The art I have been doing recently has been often revolving around exploring new ideas. Now and again, I do something for the pure joy of it. That's the whole point of making art, I guess. This week I’ve created another smaller size work and feel very happy about it. Simple Joys is all about how we get all too serious about the goal, while there so many little good moments happening each day.

I must admit to something. Initially, I sat down to paint as I was getting too wrapped up by the business side of my art. I needed a break and just wanted to spend the whole few days on doing the thing I love.

Luckily my art never fails to surprise me. It's a place, that nourishes my soul whenever I go there. Each time I start creating, peace floods my mind and I start seeing everything in a new light. Let me know how you like this new work.


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