What is art for?

Do we need art when we don’t think we need art? – The answer is going to be: Definitely yes.

Art has been looked at as a luxury for ages, but it isn’t right to say so. That’s similar what people say about spirituality, and yet we have churches all over the place.

I've heard that "people won’t die without art in their life". I can see this view often enough, and would argue it this way: Could you possibly enrich your life and add more depth to your sensitivity by thinking more about art and what it means to the artist/ other people?

There’s only a positive answer to that. And I strongly think that more people should spend a little time regularly trying to feel it, read about and think about the arts. It can be anything as prosaic as learning about the meaning of a song or reading artist’s testimonial about their recent series. Maybe going to a local gallery and chatting with a creator or listening to an interview.

Whether we want it or not, artists of various disciplines shape our culture, create movements, and draw attention to important subjects. They are the barometer of the changes in the society. Artists can observe, process and make phenomenon and emotion tangible. They need to be listened to and followed because from them we learn about the condition of today's world.