Are artists allowed more?

My work has won the prize during the opening BOS show.

I love being an artist. I get a chance to dive straight into some exciting conversations with strangers. I feel I have a free hand to discuss sometimes even deep subjects that are related to my art. Maybe being an artist is a shortcut to get passed the small talk and immediately have a good chat? What are your thoughts talking to artists?

Last weekend I opened my home studio for the community to come and visit. As you might think it’s a very vulnerable concept to invite anyone to my house, but I found it fascinating to go through the experience. Alike my past gallery shows – exhibiting art is always open to judgment and critique, but opening a home to total strangers is a whole new level of showing art. My work comes from a very personal place, which I'm open to communicate. I was really happy to see that the arriving guests really got my ideas. People who came, shared nothing but good thoughts and hopefully left in a bit brighter mood.

I find that people really like stories behind my art; especially with my work being abstract it just gets easier to understand. We are all interconnected and many of us share similar experiences, therefore sharing the context of my work is super important.

My takeaway is that I had the most enjoyable time meeting beautiful people, who are just like me. Trying to find balance in this racing world. Making sense of all the things that are going on around. Wanting to find a happy place for them. I wish you all that from the depth of my heart.