4 ways to get best life opportunities

Writing this first blog post on my newly launched website, I can’t help to think about new chances and possibilities. Now at 36 years of age, I know this isn’t something that just magically appears. 6 years ago, I moved from a mid-sized grey, industrial Polish city to London looking for new chances. Looking ahead to live in one of the artistic capitals of the world, I hoped, that with hard work good things would come my way.

Fast-forward and we’re in 2018. I learned sooooo much during those years. My plans didn’t turn as I imagined on many points along the way and I failed big time. And many times… I went through a career crisis, an emotional crisis, a relationship crisis and financial one as well. All within just a few years. And you know what, maybe I did, but I’ve grown as a person 10 times. I've totally rediscovered my artistic practice (link to my story here). Each time I fell, I learned something new about myself and about my life as a woman artist, who always valued freedom and honesty.

I realised, that the biggest chances we get in life are in fact the ones we give to ourselves. The whole beauty about that is that you don’t have to wait until you actually have a crisis. Every new day is a blessing. It just takes an intention and a bit of motivation to create an opportunity for own growth.

In my journey, where I am now – I feel so much gratitude towards all the people and to myself for making all those mistakes count.

I share with you these 4 great lessons, I learned along the way and I swear by.

Whether it’s a career move, a personal endeavour or a spiritual challenge all the below will very likely apply.

  1. The opportunities you create must follow your heart and you must want them to happen. I mean like “crazy-want”. This will guide your way and help focus.
  2. You are whole and complete as you are now. As much as you don’t live in a void, it’s important to remember you are a complete entity. An independent human being. You don’t owe anyone anything. This approach helped me make good, confident decisions (as opposed to those based on desperation or attachment).
  3. Being open to doing things differently. And really give them an honest try. Sounds obvious, I know. But so many people I know stick to the same ways of dealing with challenges and just won’t learn from experience.
  4. Decide what’s NOT worth your time. To make space for new things in life, we have to ditch some of the old ones. Simple as that.

So friends, hope some of these will be of use to you. Let me know how they sound to you and what are YOUR ways to pave your own path.

xx G.